Our journey started with a simple rather profound question “ if humans are the dominating and intellectual species, isn’t it our responsibility to build a safer, inclusive and a sustainable world for all the creations?” How do we build one? It was obvious that the answer lay in the largest population of India, the youth! That constituted half of India. Youth inspires youth, so we set on a journey to inspire 100 youth to become leaders in corporate and social setup which would set a chain reaction to inspire another 100 and another 100 and soon, we would witness a world that’s balanced. Sounds ambitious? Aren’t the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world actually do?


All of us, I mean our core team, met in an engg college in a tier 2 city called Mangaluru. We had big dreams, joining NASA, building a Gaming company , exploring Robotics , becoming a Researcher and what not. We thoroughly enjoyed our engineering days competing with the best minds in the country (the IITians) and solving international challenges (the likes of SAE), winning in every challenge (the secret will be shared with those who become a part of our journey).


Soon what started as a team of 8 to explore engineering became a mission to help each other in achieving their dreams. One ended up in NASA, the other built a gaming company that was recognised as top 50 in India, while the rest went to Austria to work on surgical robots, graduated from IISC to become a researcher, while I stayed back with my team with a mission to inspire more youth like us to be more and do more!


Of course it’s a long endeavor, nobody would believe in a bunch of graduates to give a stable platform for experimenting their beliefs. But the chairman of Sahyadri college of engineering and management (alma mater) trusted us and provided the much needed cushion to experiment. Funds, support and most important freedom! The journey that we went through during our engineering days, we structured it to look like a career track and made a batch of juniors who followed us to go through it. We were there to cheer them up, be a moral support and nudge them at the right moment with the right inputs that we learnt from our failures. The result ? In a span of 3 years we had 4 companies emerging out of this platform, with a seed grant of minimum 20 lakhs and over the next 3 years generated 60+ jobs.

We were thrilled, but how do we sustain? How do we build the next 100 companies that impact society, that believe in our core principle Planet first, people next and then profit.


To shape our approach and package into a well structured program, I had to call back my most cherished team from my engineering days. The ones who were running their own companies gave me the support that I needed, while the rest who were working for others, left their jobs to join this mission of ‘nurturing youth leader by helping them explore their true potential’.

A team of 10 was formed with a clarity on 2 points. It had to be youth in higher education (because that’s where the magic happens) and second it had to be for impacting society (because that’s where we end up living). So we built a course for students of engineering (who are taught how to build, but do not know what to build) – “The Social Innovation Program”. Simple – students find problems from the society, and they build solutions to them. Well, as much we thought it was simple, it wasn’t. The students didn’t have a motive, nor did the people from the society knew what their problem truly was. But the team of 10 was just beginning to warm up, and started an endeavour that’s worth cherishing and satisfying.


To build compassion among students towards the people of the society and to catalyse interaction between various stakeholders of the society, we experimented on various fronts. First we went to the fields with the students, then we brought the stakeholders to the college campus. Sometimes we had to hear students’ parents yelling at us for sending them out during the college hours, while sometimes faculties complained about students not attending classes due to extra work given.

We endured every bit of it, and finally after 3 years we realised that there are about 4% of students who have an entrepreneurial mindset built in them due to various stages of life experiences they have had. We needed to find them and give them a track to help them explore, develop and build an entrepreneurial career. While the rest had to go through a curated journey (yet a different experience for every individual) that helps them to build an entrepreneurial mindset. Thus, one program for all was evolved “the community centric education”

Mission of nurturing Entrepreneurial Mindset in every youth.

Our program yielded us consistent results, over 1.6 cr of monetary support was granted to students ideas that involved societal impact. Aspiration for learning more thrusted students to take up higher studies (some joined ivy leagues with full scholarship). The spree of students taking up entrepreneurial careers is still continuing and we started partnering with industry associations, NGO’s, consortium of colleges and the government to nurture entrepreneurial mindset in youth.

We plan to educate every student in Karnataka first, then neighbouring states and eventually the entire country before we venture into other parts of the globe. We are in 3 regions today, soon will expand to 11 and then 20 to cover all the Tier2,3,4 regions of Karnataka. Why these regions you ask? Because you’ll find plenty of youth with passion, resilience, ideas and most importantly gratitude.

We know we spoke a lot!!

But this is what has made us
what we are!

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InUnity Cohorts

The program brings together students across institutions from various disciplines of engineering to solve community problems with the assistance of community & stakeholder


A day at the center that brings makers around the regions and students to collaboratively build solutions for the community

mindset of


Fireside Chat

Intense discussions with Founders on their journeys into the startup world. The life stories of these guests would help students derive meaningful insights and the true essence of engineering.

Bridge Course

Programs to reorient their thoughts on engineering through a 3 day Bootcamp filled with activity, challenges and engineering in alignment with AICTE Induction Program

Expert Talks

Domain experts engage in interactive sessions with students to share in-depth knowledge in topics using various case studies and tools

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